Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cool Blues, Purples and Silver

Perhaps it's the fact that purple is one of my favorite colors. Or that blue flowers are hard to come by and must be enjoyed when they can be found! Or perhaps it's just that I love silvery foliage, and two of said foliages were ready to harvest this week from The Botanique Cutting Garden. Or maybe it's all this rainy weather, which is inspiring me to make peace with a cooler color palette....
Or maybe it's these OUTSTANDING anemones from Everyday Flowers in Stanwood, WA.
Whatever the reason, this week's subscription arrangements are all about the spectrum of color between amethyst, silver, icy blue and mint green.
This week's subscriptions include: Lace-leaf Dusty Miller, Cardoon Foliage, and Campanula from The Botanique Cutting Garden in Seattle, WA, Bearded Iris from Schreiner's Iris Farm in Salem, OR, Anemones from Everyday Flowers in Stanwood, WA, Columbine from Jello Mold Farm in Mount Vernon, WA, and Rye Grain from Charles Little & Co. in Eugene, OR.
This marks week five of the Spring Subscription, which means that the subscription period is more than halfway through! But there will be plenty more to come- the Summer Subscription starts on June 28th, and there's Autumn after that... in other words... if you've been enjoying these photos and thinking to yourself, "Flowers every week, that sounds pretty good!" now's your chance to sign up to receive a weekly arrangement from Botanique! You can read about the subscription here, sign up here, and email me with any questions:

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  1. Beautiful flowers again. Love the cool palate and we use rye in our bouquets. Love the look!