Sunday, May 27, 2012

Succulent Gardens for Washington C.A.S.H.

A few weeks back, I had the honor of creating centerpieces for the annual fundraiser for Washington C.A.S.H., an incredible non-profit in Seattle whose mission reads: "Washington C.A.S.H. empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with limited resources—and unlimited potential. We provide the hands-on education, in-depth support, and access to capital needed to launch and grow successful small enterprises." I was particularly excited for this project, because Washington C.A.S.H. is a very special organization to me: they provided me with tons of helpful training and resources when I was starting Botanique, and continue to play a critical role when I need business mentoring.
For their fundraiser, I wanted to create something clean, chic and modern that they could sell to attendees of the fundraiser at the end of the night to raise money. As these succulent gardens will survive for quite a while without too much care (just a little spritzing with water about once a week), and they have a cool, contemporary look, they seemed like a good match.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the room once it was all set-up, nor did I take any photos of our epic adventure through the Convention Center Loading Zone to get these little gardens to their homes on the tables! (but that part is a crazy story involving zooming pallet trucks, humongous dollies, and a massive freight elevator...) Suffice to say, they all made it to their proper places safe and intact, and the event was a huge success, raising over $100,000! Congratulations to Washington C.A.S.H.!

For anyone out there in the Seattle area with a great business idea who wants/needs some help getting it off the ground, I strongly recommend that you check out Washington C.A.S.H. They are truly a fantastic organization, and it was such a treat for Botanique to be able to help with their fundraiser!

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