Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Subscription: Week Four

Vivid color. I didn't know how much I had been craving it until I saw it! This spring I have been so drawn to pastel shades, creamy whites, purples, sea green.... I went to the market on Wednesday to select flowers for the subscription and was so taken with the warm, bright shades of carmine, peach, royal purple, burnt orange... It seems like in the week Eli and I were in California, Washington's flowers just went totally crazy!
I had been waiting and waiting for the local ranunculas to come into season. There are so many gorgeous hues to choose from, but ultimately the salmon-peach won me over.
Another incredible flower, the bearded iris. That deep purple looks just like magic.
This week's arrangements contained a fiery mix of: ranunculas from Everyday Flowers in Stanwood, WA, bearded iris from Schreiner's Iris Farm in Salem, OR, and a fiery, magenta/hot pink/red variety of scotch broom from Jello Mold Farm in Mt. Vernon, WA.


  1. Gorgeous the variety of flowers!

  2. Holy crap, those peach ranunculus. Your arrangements look incredible! All my winter weddings were pastel, too, and I'm so thrilled to be seeing some bright colors again!