Thursday, September 3, 2015

Centerpiece Workshop(s) Recap!

Earlier this year, we hosted two Centerpiece Design Workshops at the studio. They were both fantastic, with great groups of ladies designing some gorgeous arrangements! Lora Grady was there for both workshops, capturing all the action, and taking photos of everyone's finished arrangements. I am so excited to share Lora's photos of the workshops with you! I was incredibly proud of everyone who attended the workshops- the ladies ranged from people pursuing floral design as a hobby to burgeoning floral designers starting their own businesses to relatively seasoned designers. I think you'll agree that all the attendees did amazing work! It was a real treat to see everyone's creativity. Here are a few highlights from the first workshop, in May:

For the second workshop in June, we had a whole different set of flowers to choose from. Check out some of the gorgeous arrangements made in this workshop!

Krisanna Reiff made some beautiful calligraphy tags for everyone's notebooks, and the garden was filled with foxglove and poppies (many of which you can see in the arrangements).

And of course, we did a group shot in front of the Cutting Garden!

Both workshops were amazing and inspiring!

We have another workshop scheduled for Oct. 4th, and there are still a few spots left! We cap our workshops at six people to ensure lots of personal attention- it makes for a really fun, educational experience. Our next one will center around Cafe au Lait dahlias. You can read all about it and register at this link:

Jess Hunter will be there to take photos of everyone's work, and she is incredible! You can check out her website here:

Hope to see you there!