Friday, October 10, 2014

Jamie & Ryan at AXIS Pioneer Square

These two. Could they be in any way, even just a teeny, tiny bit more adorable?

Jamie and Ryan married in late June at AXIS Pioneer Square. Planned by Megan from Clutch Events, their wedding went off without a hitch! Jamie and Ryan love the outdoors, and have a special fondness for the Methow Valley, so we based the floral design choices around creating a palette reminiscent of that environment. Small, meadow-esque blooms were paired with a good number of grasses, and roses added a classic elegance, making the flowers look right at home in their urban venue. Color-wise we went for lots of greens and creamy neutrals, with accent of earthy brown, gold, and a hint of blue for that clear, blue sky! And since it was a fancy affair and we wanted to add a layer of warmth, we paired all of this with glimmering hints of brass. 

Many thanks to Shane Macomber for the incredibly beautiful photos.

Congratulations Jamie and Ryan!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

From the Garden....

The Cutting Garden is getting so messy- plants are falling down across the paths, knocked over by the rain and late-season neglect. But the flowers bloom on, always reaching towards the sun, so there are tons of twisty stems out there. I can't say we mind, it makes them so very amenable to spilling over the edges of their vases....