Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Botanique Spring Subscription: Week Three

I love white dicentra (bleeding heart). I love it so much. I have been waiting for it to appear in the local market, and finally, today, it did.

I also love that flowering rubus (which if left to set fruit will become blackberry). And I LOVE those big peony-flowering tulips.

This week's subscription arrangements included: Peony-Flowering tulips from Choice Bulb Farms in Mount Vernon, WA, Rubus, White Dicentra, and Alkanet from Jello Mold Farm in Mount Vernon, WA, Viburnum foliage from Oregon Coastal Flowers in Tillamook, OR, and Weigela from The Botanique Cutting Garden in Seattle, WA.

Though the Spring Subscription is already underway, there is still room in the Summer and Fall Subscriptions. Click here to sign up for a weekly arrangement of the freshest, local flowers available!

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  1. Just love dropping in to see what lovely bouquets you are offering this week. They are very lovely and would be wonderful to receive.