Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cafe au Lait Workshop Recap

In October, we hosted a workshop that was all about Cafe au Lait dahlias, the absolute queen of late summer and early fall arrangements. We started in the Cutting Garden talking about growing and harvesting tips, then moved into the studio for lots of time arranging with these beauties.

Jess Hunter was there to photograph all the magic, and as usual, she blew me away with her images.

Here's the cafe patch in the garden, blooming like crazy!

And the group out in the garden learning about growing these beauties:

And the group inside, starting to learn about arranging with cafes:

I start all of our workshops by demonstrating techniques for arranging, then set everyone loose to create their own work of floral art. During this time, I float around the room answering questions, helping everyone with their arrangements, and making sure everyone is getting what they need from the experience. Keeping the workshops to a six person maximum ensures there is a lot of time for this personal attention, which I think is so crucial to learning.

It was amazing to see everyone's arrangements come together! They were all so beautiful, unique, and artful...

It was such a wonderful day!

I'll be announcing our spring workshops in the next few weeks- if you're interested in attending, send me an email ( and I'll put you on our workshops list!

Hope to meet you soon!