Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Geez purple and pink, why you gotta be so pretty?

I know it's super girly. I know you may gripe and say, really purple and pink??? Enough already with the purple and pink!! But hey, I run the show around here, and I like to do what makes me happy. And this week, the purples and pinks were calling my name...
This weeks subscriptions had so many Botanique-grown ingredients! Sweet Pea Vines, Cerinthe, Daucus carota 'Dark Knight,' and Black Cornflowers. The lovely, pink Dahlias are from Jello Mold Farm.
(Oh, and the first little shoots of amaranth may have found their way in there too, but you have to have a very keen eye to spot them.....)


  1. Hey, I like purple and pink. Great looking bouquets!

  2. Beautiful designs, so lovely to see your work!!!