Monday, June 18, 2012

Hard to go...

Blue Cornflowers
We are about to go on vacation for a week. I know it will be great, and that we really need a vacation, but it is so hard to leave the garden right now! It is coming to life with so many gorgeous things!!! This is such an exciting time of year, everything is growing so fast. All the hard work of the early spring and last fall is really starting to pay off. Check out this garden goodness!

Purple Clematis
Bunny tail grass
Iceland Poppies
The first Sweet Pea!!!!! It smells amazing....
Bullet Allium, starting to break bud
Dark Purple Cornflowers
Not to mention the dahlias are growing like gangbusters, the snapdragons, bells of ireland and larkspur are all budded, the zinnias and amaranth are growing on for a late summer harvest.... I could go on, but I think I'll stop at that! Suffice to say, this tiny little plot is just pumping out the blooms, and is set to do so for the rest of the summer! The Botanique Summer Subscription is starting on June 28th, and if you want to get in on that (and nab some of these lovely flowers for yourself), you can sign up here.

Flowers harvested from the Botanique Cutting Garden
Have a great week!

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