Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mexico, Muscari and Magic

Yep, that's right. We were in MEXICO.

A wonderful, week-long trip with Eli's family, filled with ocean swims, sandy beaches, delicious food, good company, snorkeling, more sun and bright flowers than I could possibly dream up, beach-side Cribbage tournaments, *INCREDIBLE* papaya, pineapple and pina coladas.....

Every day our bed was decorated with fresh flowers.... AMAZING! And I LOVED that bright yellow wall.

Coming home is a bit of a rough transition: suddenly there is SO much work to be done, and the cool, rainy sky just doesn't feel quite as good as that warm sun. While we were in Mexico, not ONCE did I even see a clock. Now I feel acutely aware of the time passing, and all the things that need to be done in the short hours of the day. But I also feel so lucky-- lucky to have spent an incredible week with the people that I love so much, and lucky to come home to such a beautiful life! Check out the magic we came home to!!!

MUSCARI!!!! It smells like candy.

And these narcissus are budded and ready to pick!!!!

And thanks to Jim, our intrepid landlord who took over all the chores of seed care, we have some very happy little flower babies!

The cardoon and nicotiana starts literally tripled in size while we were away. It just amazes me how fast these teeny tiny seeds go from barely visible specks to luscious, fuzzy foliage.

Outside, the delphinium, bachelor buttons, and sweet peas started sprouting... it is really magical to see how much happens in just one week. And onward into the spring we go! Hoping to keep the relaxed, chill perspective that I found in Mexico as I tackle the proposals, estimates, planting schedule and flower orders sitting in front of me!

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