Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One more arrangement before we hit the road....

Tomorrow, Eli and I are heading off to Breitenbush Hot Springs- yes!!!! But before we go, a few shots of an arrangement I made today for a friend's booth at the NW Flower and Garden Show.

Please excuse the blurriness... there was gorgeous light spilling into the basement when I went to grab a crate to pack this bad boy up, and so I decided to "get crafty" with my photography and take a photo in a location other than that trusty fence you may have started to recognize from almost. every. flower. photo. I. take.

But then I got frustrated with my camera (which was not doing such a great job of focusing this low-light situation) and had to take the photo operation outside to.... you guessed it- the fence!

Ahhh, the fence, where there always seems to be just enough natural light...

Ranunculus, Acacia, Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus, Pussy Willow and Drumstick Allium.

Enjoy the weekend and Valentines Day! Botanique is NOT taking Valentines Day orders, but I will be working at Terra Bella Flowers on V-Day, so if you want flowers for your sweetie I recommend you get them there!


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  2. (Woops had a typo) Very pretty, love all the texture! I have the same problem with lighting, I always go back to my old blue bench under birch trees, everything looks great there.