Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Offerings (Part 1)

Would you like gorgeous flowers for your holiday table? Two of Botanique's winter offerings are now available! You can purchase them here.

Winter Light Table Arrangement:

Winter Fire Table Arrangement:

The chickens were very curious about yesterday's photo shoot. Whooping and clucking away while I snapped photos of the flowers. And while I know we all come here for the nice, pretty flower photos, I had to throw this one up too.

Lulu the chicken, my most discerning critic, assesses my work:

I think she likes it :)

I am also creating an all-local arrangement that will be available later on this week- stay tuned.....


  1. LOVE those arrangements! (this is Kate from Floret Cadet btw - I can't do a name / url comment and don't have the other comment options!)

  2. Kelly, your choice and use of materials is amazing! The color of those red orchids just slays me!! I hope you have a cozy holiday season.

  3. Kate and Lori, thanks so much!

    Amy, I agree that Lulu has good taste. As I said, she is a very discerning chicken :)