Sunday, December 6, 2015

Melissa and Jeff

It's fairly rare that we take on a really small order for wedding flowers.... but occasionally the right people come along and we do! Melissa come to the studio with a very open perspective. I remember during our consultation saying, "It sounds like you would be happy with somewhat of a surprise," and she said yes, she would! She didn't want to pin down too much about her flowers, she wanted to leave the door open to our creativity and what really looked amazing the week of her wedding. The only strong request she had was nothing too tropical looking, and a slightly vintage feel. It was so fun to have so much freedom in creating this bouquet for her, weaving in ideas of what would really pop and also look at home in the landscape where she would be married, and also fit with her personality and the vibe of her wedding.

As usual, Jess Hunter took the most beautiful photographs of the couple, the bouquet, and the landscape.

Congrats Melissa and Jeff! Thanks for being so open-minded about your flowers!

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