Monday, January 28, 2013

Talia & Justin at Fort Warden

Photo by Amanda Rose
Now Talia is a glamorous gal. She is also one of my good friends. When she and Justin married in late September at Fort Warden Park in Port Townsend, we wanted to create a bouquet for her that combined the rustic feel of this gorgeous park with the glamorous, sparkly personality that is Talia. Deep purple calla lilies combined with gomphrena, bunny tail grass, scabiosa pods, spray roses, and both gold and copper silk ribbon did the trick! Many thanks to Amanda and Henry Rose, Kari Champoux, and Derrick Ito for all these beautiful photos!
Photo by Kari Champoux
Photo by Amanda Rose
Photo by Kari Champoux
Photo by Derrick Ito (I know I already posted this photo in my "Favorite Moments from 2012" post, but I just love it... had to post it again...
Photo by Henry Rose

Happy married life Talia and Justin!!!! It was so fun to design these flowers for you.

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  1. Such a beautiful day, Kelly. And working with you on the concepts for that bouquet was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. I just couldn't have imagined anything lovelier than what you created!

    I'd love to add that in the end, Kelly included the roses specifically because she knows how much I appreciate a lovely scent - and indeed, now my memories of walking across the Fort and down the aisle are wrapped in the incredible fragrance of that bouquet!

    Thank you so much, Sweet Kelly,